Social Projects

We are committed to reducing the negative effects and maximizing the positive effects caused by environmental impacts in our area of influence. That is why we take on the responsibility for reforestation, inspection, and the promotion of training courses and waste management. We have several actions aimed at promoting environmental conservation and contributing to good relationships with the community. All of these actions are in compliance with the requirements established by environmental legislation and licensing bodies, such as the Environmental Operating License for the Eng. Sergio Motta HPP (Porto Primavera).

You can learn more about the actions carried out by CESP in our Annual Sustainability Report. This material is a transparent accountability we provide to the community.

Participatory Socioenvironmental Diagnosis

We launched the Participatory Socioenvironmental Diagnosis (DSAP) of the Eng. Sergio Motta HPP (Porto Primavera), carried out during 2020 as part of the environmental licensing program for this hydroelectric plant. The DSAP envisions a socioeconomic, territorial and environmental characterization, based on secondary data and outcome of Socioenvironmental Perception and Participatory studies carried out in workshops with social groups in the area, providing support for the analyzes and reflections that will be used to create an action plan for the municipalities.

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We strive for excellence in the generation of electricity that is in line with the well-being of our employees. Our commitment to health and safety is proven in our constant search to comply with legislation, maintaining our Occupational Health and Safety Policy updated, improving production processes and promoting health and quality of life. Caring for our employees goes beyond what is legally required, as evidenced in our health campaigns and monitoring efforts carried out through complementary exams. Our culture is also guided by actions we promote to encourage changes in habits. When it comes to safety, our occupational accidents and sickness numbers stand out and are among the lowest rates in the electricity sector. This performance is achieved as a result of our exhaustive commitment to monitoring risks and also due to our prevention actions.


The DSS is a preventive action that increases employee awareness of responsible attitudes and compliance with the Company's safety standards. Employees are asked to fill out a form, making this a practical way to share information on the risks that can compromise the physical integrity of our workers.

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