Environmental Projects

It is part of our commitment to align the generation of electricity with the guarantee that water will be available for multiple uses. Our values are evident through the actions we carry out to conserve the ecosystem, minimize the impacts of our operations, provide   environmental education and through the good relationship we maintain with the community.

Incorporate social and environmental variables into the Company’s guidelines, planning and operating procedures;
Fully comply with current legislation and other demands followed by the Company, seeking, as much as possible, to exceed legal and regulatory requirements;
Adopt procedures that help prevent pollution, offer energy efficiency and the ensure the responsible use of natural resources and ecosystem services;
Seek ongoing improvements of the Company’s social and environmental performance;
Promote the conservation of ecosystems, seeking to avoid, mitigate or compensate any impacts that may be caused by our actions;
Disseminate a social and environmentally responsible culture for employees, service providers, suppliers, surrounding communities and other interested parties;
Establish a climate change mitigation and adaptation program, based on inventory and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
Environmental Policy
Environmental Education

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