Privacy Policy

The CESP Privacy Policy was developed to demonstrate its commitment to the security and privacy of information collected from users through the interactive services available herein. Investors and analysts may visit this website (http://ri.cesp.com.br/) and learn about the services that CESP offers, read reports, obtain information and news, without providing personal information. If you do provide any information, this policy seeks to clarify how CESP collects and handles your individual information. We recommended periodically checking this policy, as it is subject to change without notice.

1. Personal data collected and purposes. Personal information that is made available to CESP by users will be collected in accordance with the law for the following purposes:



Personal data collected

Legal grounds
(Law No. 13,709/18)

Answering to your message sent through the “Talk to IR” section on the website

Name, email address, phone number, company name


Evaluating our website

Name, email address, phone number


Mailing list subscription

Name, email address, company name, title/profession



2. By agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy, as well as providing specific authorizations regarding the treatment of your personal information for each intended purpose, you authorize CESP to carry out the activities listed above, and you may, at any time, revoke this consent, taking into account any restrictions that may result from such an option, in cases in which consent is mandatory and not optional. Therefore, CESP’s personal data processing activities in the context of this website are legally validated by your consent. No treatment will be performed if you do not expressly agree with these activities.

3. If you do not provide the personal data necessary for the purposes listed in item 2 above, you will not be able to receive feedback from CESP regarding your message, or to receive any information related to CESP through the mailing list service. However, when simply browsing the website, you do not need to provide any personal information. In any case, CESP will always inform you of the personal data it requires, requesting your due consent before carrying out any processing operation.

4. CESP will ensure that your personal data remains accurate and up-to-date and, based on the interactions you have with us, you will be able to check if your personal data remains correct or if they need a complement and/or update, according to the additional information you may provide.

5. CESP may share your personal data with the company that provides development and support services for this website, for the specific purpose of managing it and maintaining its quality and security. CESP requires contractually requires said company to adopt the same levels of security that we adopt with your personal data and requires it to use said data in strict compliance with the laws applicable to privacy and data protection. Unless CESP receives a legal or court order, CESP shall ensure that the information will not be shared with any other third party or used for purposes other than those for which they were collected.

6. CESP takes all technical and organizational measures to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal data collected within the website. Such measures include, but are not necessarily limited to: (i) storing your personal data in secure operating environments that are not available to the public and that are only accessible to authorized CESP employees, agents and contractors; and, (ii) verifying the identities of registered users before they can access the personal data we maintain about them.

7. If you receive e-mails sent by strangers using a different domain compared to ours and requesting passwords, personal data, attached files and the like, do not open them.

8. As safe as our system is, no security system is completely immune to attacks by third parties such as “hackers” or “crackers”. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of our database and we cannot guarantee that the personally identifiable information you have provided cannot be intercepted when it is transmitted over the Internet. CESP will not be liable for damages that may result from the leakage of personal information due to violations or breaches of Internet security barriers by third parties such as “hackers” or “crackers”.

9. The data that the user provides to us will be considered as CESP confidential information – as such, only employees authorized to properly use this information will have access to the information collected. Employees who misuse this information, violating this Privacy Policy, will be subject to the penalties of CESP’s disciplinary process.

10. This website contains links or frames from other websites, which may or may not be CESP partners and allies. These links and frames are made available with the sole purpose of providing another benefit to users. It is worth mentioning that the inclusion of these links and frames does not mean that CESP is aware of, agrees with or is responsible for these websites or their respective contents. It is up to the user to consult their respective privacy policies or disclaimers, since CESP does not control the policies or practices of third parties, and cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages suffered due to the use of the aforementioned links or frames.

11. Whenever other organizations are hired to provide support services, they will be required to adapt to CESP’s privacy standards.

12. In the light of the rights guaranteed by applicable law, you, as the holder of Personal Data, may:

  1. Revoke your consent at any time, if your personal data has been treated with your consent;
  2. Request access to the personal data that is under treatment by CESP, by requesting a complete electronic copy of your personal data;
  3. Request corrections to your personal data if they are incorrect, incomplete or outdated;
  4. Request the anonymization of your personal data;
  5. Request the exclusion/deletion of your personal data: (i) if they are no longer needed for data processing by CESP, (ii) if you have revoked your consent for data processing based solely on that consent, (iii) if you have objected to the processing of your data, (iv) if the processing of the data is not in compliance with the provisions of the applicable law, (v) if the personal data must be erased in order to comply with a legal obligation applicable to CESP. CESP will take the necessary measures to inform the other entities of its economic group about this suppression;
  6. Request the restriction of treatment: (i) if you want to restrict the treatment of your personal data, instead of eliminating the data, in spite of the fact that the treatment is legitimate, (ii) if you want CESP to keep your personal data, because you need them for your defense in the context of lawsuits, (iii) if you have opposed the treatment, but CESP conducts a verification to confirm that it has legitimate grounds for such treatment that may void your own rights, (iv) if the data processing is based on CESP’s legitimate interest;
  7. Request the portability of the personal data provided, particularly if the processing is based on your consent or the performance of an agreement;
  8. You will always have the option of not sharing your personal data with us. If you choose this option, you can limit the activities and resources that we can provide you.

13. In order for the website to better meet your needs, with your prior authorization, CESP may use a standard feature found in your internet browser, called a “cookie”(*), to log each user individually. The user can, at any time, activate mechanisms in their browser to receive notifications when they are activated or to prevent them from being activated.

14. Any information that users provide through the website will be collected and stored in accordance with strict security and confidentiality standards. CESP will store the personal data informed by the website users in its own data centers or centers owned by contracted third parties(**), in order to answer your messages, as well as to send communication via mailing lists.

CESP may also retain your personal data in accordance with an internal retention procedure, so as to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations, resolve disputes and perform agreements. CESP can, therefore, retain your personal data after you stop using the website, in accordance with the statute of limitations.

The data collected through cookies are stored for the period necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected or to comply with any legal or regulatory requirement.

15. If you wish to make a request related to the rights described in item 12 above, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or the processing of data that we may carry out, please contact us via email at dpo@cesp.com.br.

16. Other important notions about the terms and conditions of use of this website are available in the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Before the final submission of your information on the website, you must confirm that you accept and comply with this Privacy Policy. After your confirmation regarding this Privacy Policy, your knowledge and consent regarding the collection, use, storage and treatment of your personal data by CESP will be demonstrated.

(*) Cookies: small texts sent to your browser by the websites you visit; cookies store information and settings related to your visit in order to evaluate the interactions of users with the content of the websites.

(**) All contracts with third parties contain specific contractual provisions for the processing of personal data, in accordance with the principles provided for in the applicable privacy and data protection laws.