The Statutory Audit Committee, an independent, technical and consultative body that reports to the Board of Directors, has the purpose of advising said Board regarding the exercise of its audit and supervision functions: (i) of the presentation processes accounting and financial reporting; (ii) internal control and risk management processes; (iii) the activities of internal auditors and independent external auditors; and (iv) matters pertaining to the Code of Conduct and Ethics.

This committee is adopted by CESP in line with the best Corporate Governance practices. This body is responsible for monitoring and controlling the quality of financial statements, internal controls, risk management and compliance, aiming at the reliability and integrity of information and the protection of CESP and its shareholders and related parties.

Iara Pasian Coordinator
Angela Aparecida Seixas Effective Member
José Ecio Pereira da Costa Junior Effective Member

CESP’s Legal Commission is responsible for (i) monitoring the main changes in the Company’s legal contingencies, either as liabilities or assets, judicial or administrative; (ii) supervising short, medium and long-term strategies aimed at reducing liabilities and maximizing the Company’s legal assets; (iii) promoting discussion and providing visibility to relevant decisions and possible scenarios in specific lawsuits; (iv) sharing understandings and opinions about the performance of law firms, reviewers and other third parties hired by the Company; (v) discussing any relevant agreements and negotiations in progress; and (vi) providing visibility on the area’s key indicators.

CESP’s Ethics Commission is responsible for analyzing and recommending corrective actions related to complaints made through the Company’s Ethics Line channels.

The Ethics Commission is fully independent and autonomous, being comprised of three members with proven complementary skills, experience and abilities, all of whom are chosen by the Chief Executive Officer. The Company’s Board of Directors is responsible for ratifying any decision made by the Ethics Commission.

CESP’s Electric Trading Commission is responsible for (i) monitoring the purchase and sale of energy positions assumed by the Company; (ii) promoting discussions on scenarios and perspectives for the national energy market; (iii) promoting discussions on CESP’s sale strategy; (iv) supervising the management of market and hydrological risks within the previously established parameters and monitoring the actions proposed by the Company for mitigation when these limits are exceeded, pursuant to the procedures established in the internal regulations for Market and Hydrological Risk; (v) encouraging and ensuring that CESP carries out the sale of energy according to best market practices; and (vi) preparing recommendations and opinions on topics related to the sale of energy as a way to provide support to decisions made by the Board of Directors.

In February 2021, we established the foundations for the creation of the Sustainability Commission, which is aimed at supporting the Board of Directors in including and addressing ESG themes in their strategic decision-making process and business targeting. The Commission is comprised of three (3) sitting members, two (2) of which are members of the Board of Directors and one (1) being an external member with extensive knowledge of ESG matters.

Silvana Alcantara Oliveira de Souza Independent Member
Glaisy Peres Domingues Effective Member
Sergio Ricardo Romani Effective Member