Hydroelectric Plants

CESP holds the concession for three hydroelectric plants, operating under the price regime, with 18 generating units, total installed capacity of 1,655 MW and physical guarantee of 1,003 average MW.

The plants are located in the hydrographic basins of the Paraná River, in the west region of the State of São Paulo, and the Paraíba do Sul River, in the east region of the State of São Paulo.

Porto Primavera

Power: 1,540 MW
Physical Guarantee : 887 avg MW
Concession : up to 2049
Location: Rosana SP
Reservoir Area: 2,250 km2
Extension of Dam: 10.2 km
Generating Units: 14


Power: 28 MW
Physical guarantee: 13 avg MW
Concession up to 2020
Location: São José dos Campos SP
Reservoir Area: 56 km2
Extension of Dam: 1.0 km
Generating Units: 2


Power: 87 MW
Physical guarantee: 48 avg MW
Concession up to 2021
Location: Paraibuna SP
Reservoir Area: 177 km2
Extension of Dam: 0.5 km
Generating Units: 2