Corporate Profile

CESP – Companhia Energética de São Paulo (“CESP” or “Company”) is publicly-held company with its headquarters in the city of São Paulo. In December 2018, VTRM Energia Participações S.A. (“VTRM”) and SF Ninety Two Participações Societárias S.A. completed their acquisition of a controlling interest in the Company at an auction of common shares (“ON”) belonging to the Government of the State of São Paulo, through companies and autonomous agencies under its control. CESP’s core activities are the planning, construction and operation of generation systems and the sale of electrical energy. It has other supplementary activities such as forestation, reforestation and fish farming, which are aimed at protecting the areas affected by the construction of its reservoirs and facilities.

The Company shares are traded on B3 S.A. (“B3”) and, since July 28, 2006, have been listed on B3’s Corporate Governance segment Level 1. As a consequence, management is constantly upgrading its reporting to the market.

The Company currently has three hydroelectric power plants operating under the pricing regime. Their installed capacity totals 1,627 MW with an average of 935 MW of physical guarantee of energy.

After signing the new concession agreement for the Engenheiro Sérgio Motta (Porto Primavera) Hydroelectric Power Plant (“UHE Porto Primavera”), which extended the concession period to 2049, the Company is no longer a public service concessionaire for electrical energy generation, but rather an independent electrical energy production concessionaire. Its operations continue to be regulated and overseen by the Brazilian Electrical Energy Regulatory Agency (“ANEEL”), which comes under the Ministry of Mines and Energy (“MME”); and the plant operation is integrated with the Brazilian Electric System Operator (“ONS”).