Asset Portfolio


CESP owns the concession for two hydroelectric generation plants that operate on a price basis, and the Company operates one plant as a temporary operator, with 16 generating units, total installed capacity of 1,627 MW and physical guarantee of 935 average MW.
The plants are located in the hydrographic basins of the Paraná River, in the west region of the State of São Paulo, and the Paraíba do Sul river, in the east region of the State of São Paulo, and comprise the following generating complex:

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Porto Primavera
Installed capacity: 1,540 MW
Physical guarantee: 887 avg. MW
Concession up to Apr/49
Location: Rosana Reservoir
Area: 2,250 km2
Extension of dam: 10.2 km
Generating units: 14
Start-up of operations: 1999




Installed capacity: 87 MW
Physical guarantee: 48 avg. MW
Concession up to Mar/21
Location: Paraibuna Reservoir
Area: 177 km2
Extension of dam: 0.5 km
Generating units: 2
Start-up of operations: 1978