Bonds in US$ (séries 7) Aumentar Diminuir

In the chart below, we provide the basic data referring to the bond issue. You can check or download the operations’ prospect by clicking on the link PROSPECTO


Type of Operation Fixed Rate Notes – SERIES 7
System Public in Europe and Private in the USA
ROF (Financial Operation Registry) TA 391208
Amount in Foreign Currency UUS$ 220,000,000.00
Entry date 08/11/2006
Issuer Standard Bank PLC and Banco Finantia
Primary Payment Agent Chase Trust Bank
Guarantor No guarantor
Coupon 9,25% p.a.
Interests SDue every six months
Amortization 08/11/2013
Income Tax In charge of CESP
Tax on financial operations (I.O.F.) Nihil
Call and put option Nihil